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VAASAN – Capturing the essence of baking

VAASAN Group is a leading bakery company in Finland and the Baltic region. VAASAN baking know-how covers all areas of baking including fresh bread, bake-off products and crispbreads.

VAASAN Group has been baking delicious premium quality crispbreads since 1904. For many generations people all over the world have enjoyed delicious FINN CRISP crispbreads as low calorie food or as healthy snacks.

Today VAASAN Group is the largest producer of thin crisps and world’s second largest producer of crispbreads.

VAASAN Group is one of the largest users of rye flour in the world. Company has been active initiator and partner of various kinds of research and studies linked to health effects of rye, wholegrain and fiber. In Finland research on rye is more expansive and multi-faceted than anywhere else in the world.


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