FINN CRISP Coriander with Herring á la Russa

8 slices FINN CRISP Coriander thin crisps
1 dl crème fraîche
1 tbsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp cut chives
2 red beet in vinegar
1 Russian pickled cucumber
1 tbsp caper
1 small red onion
black pepper
1 pack slightly salted Icelandic herring files
1 boiled egg

Cut FINN CRISP thins into three pieces with a sharp knife Whip crème fraîche and spice with mustard and chives. Cube the cucumber, red onion and red beet. Cut caper and mix with cubes and spice up with black pepper.

Extrude crème fraîche on FINN CRISPs, then add cucumber mix and crown this with a piece of Icelandic herring and pieces of egg.

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FINN CRISP FINN CRISP Coriander with Herring á la Russa

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