Salmon Rolls

20 snacks
1 l  water

100 g   cold –smoked salmon, diced
200 g   cream cheese, herb flavour or natural
50 g   fresh cucumber, finely chopped
50 ml  dill or your favourite herb, finely chopped

To garnish; e.g. cherry tomatoes, olives, pickled onions, cucumber, parsley

1. Dip thin crisps in the water for a few seconds and lay them side by side on a chopping board. Cover with plastic or cling film and leave to stand through for approx. 15 minutes.
2. Prepare filling by mixing all the ingredients.
3. Spread filling onto thin crisps and roll up the bread. Place in a dish with the seam downwards and refrigerate for at least half an hour.
4. A cocktail stick can be poked through each roll if desired. Garnish.

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