Whole grain is superior

Whole grain means that the flour used in baking contains whole grain kernel: bran, endosperm and germ. The nutrients in the grain are concentrated in different areas of the grain kernel. The highest concentration of nutrients is located in the germ and bran layer. When considering bread nutrition, wholegrain is naturally versatile food item with nothing removed and nothing added to the grain kernel.
Every FINN CRISP product is bursting with healthy wholegrain. Most FINN CRISP products are baked with 100% wholegrain flour and therefore contain all the healthy nutrients you need.

Why is whole grain good for you?
The composition of whole grain is ideal. It contains more or less the recommended amounts of energy, nutrient carbohydrates and proteins. Whole grain has low fat content and mostly comprises good soft fat. Whole grain is also an important source of dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins, phyto-oestrogens, antioxidants and other components and is low in saturated fatty acids. This is why breads made of whole grain are wonderful choice for everyone looking for healthy snacks and light food.

Wholegrain provides the right amount of nutrients

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FINN CRISP Whole grain is superior

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